Learning to drive

Glenmore School Of Motoring offer the following courses

Driving Lessons Bradford
Provisional Licence Holders

Before you can start your driving lessons you have to apply for a provisional licence which you must produce  (the photocard and paper counterpart) on your first lesson and when you attend the theory and practical tests.



- Be at least 17 years of age or 16 if you are receiving Disability Living allowance  at the higher rate. You may apply for your licence 3 months before your birthday if you are at the minimum age.

- Be normally resident in Great Britain for 185 days in each calendar year.

- Be able to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 20 metres or 20.5 metres when an old style number plate is used.


The Driving Test

To qualify for your full driving licence you must take 2 tests.

-The theory test is the first test you must take which consists of 2 parts.

- Part 1 is 50 multiple choice questions and you must achieve a minimum of 43 correct answers to pass.

- Part 2 is hazard perception which consists of 14 video clips of various driving scenarios in which you have to identify either 1 or 2 hazards per clip with a maximum of 5 points per hazard. There are a total of 75 points and you must achieve a minimum of 44.

- You must pass both parts and a theory test pass is valid for 2 years.

- From 7th of April 2014 you will only be able to take your test in English, Welsh or British sign language. No foreign languages or interpreters can be used from this date.


- The practical test is the final test and takes about 40 minutes during which you will be assessed on a variety of roads. All faults are recorded and you are required to accumulate no more than 15 minor faults. Any serious or dangerous faults will result in a fail.

- Before you start the driving test the examiner will ask you to read a number plate at the required distance and then ask you one tell me question regarding safety checks that you need to know about your car. For example tell me how you would check that the headlights and tail lights are working.

During the drive the examiner will ask you to show how you would perform a task that you would carry out whilst driving. For example, show me how you would wash the front windscreen.

Each incorrect answer will get you a minor fault.

- During the test you will be required to carry out one reversing manoeuvre, possibly an emergency stop and do 20 minutes independant driving,  either following direction signs or driving to  a sat nav.

One in five tests will be following direction signs, the rest will be by sat-nav.





Driving Lessons Bradford
Full Licence Holder


If you've already got a full licence and would like to improve your driving or maybe you haven't driven since passing your test a while ago, then a short course of driving lessons would be ideal to build up your confidence.


Driving Lessons for full licence holder

- Pass Plus. A course of an additional 6 hours during the first year after passing your test to include: town driving, all weather, night, rural, dual carriageways and motorway driving. This course usually qualifies you for insurance discounts

- Refresher.

- Parking.

- Motorway.

- Advanced.

- Taxi test